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New super dooper, go fast(er) tt bars.

When we first introduced our PDQPB tt bars, we were of the opinion that they met the demanding criteria required by ‘the best … wanting to go the fastest’. They were / are (virtually) infinitesimally adjustable and very aero. They were / are also very reasonably priced. We have sold LOTS!

Over the period of time however, we’ve watched things move on, aerodynamics improve … and prices go up in direct proportion to the aero benefits being gained.

Rather than miss the boat, we’ve been watching what is becoming popular and decided to dip our toes in the water with something in-line with what the likes of TriRig ($1110 USD), Aerocoach (£950), WattShop (£1605.00) etc currently have to offer.

As ever, we try to keep our prices as low as possible without effecting the quality of the product … thus making keeping pace with technology (a bit more) affordable.

We therefore have a VERY FEW of these on the way. Price likely to be in the region of £799.99 shipped.

For details, more photos, to reserve yours at (what might just be) an introductory offer price of £799.99 (likely to go up!) … drop us a message at


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