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Our Story

PDQ Cycling's range of products have been specifically chosen for their quality, performance and value.  Extensive 'real road' testing has been carried out to ensure that all the products stocked are the very best available, whether it be in terms of durability, adjustability or handling.  We don’t believe wind tunnel testing necessarily establishes the ‘best’ or ‘fastest’ equipment to use as it doesn’t take into account ‘real-world’ conditions. We are also sceptical of manufacturer’s claims until we have tried their products ourselves.  Other products may be faster in certain conditions but, overall, PDQ Cycling's products have been found to be the best.  If they were not ... PDQ Cycling would be stocking the components that were. 


Ian Cammish, PDQ’s founder, has been a competitive cyclist for over forty years and has represented his country on a number of occasions. During his career, he won countless National Championship medals, of all colours, ranging from 25 miles through to 12-hour disciplines. In his time, Ian has seen his fair share of fads and gimmicks, allowing him to build a wealth of experience to know what’s what in the cycling world.  He has used a lot of kit over the years, some of it good, some of it not so good. He has used and tested all of the components listed on this site. If he didn’t believe it was either as good or as fast as anything else out there, PDQ wouldn’t be selling it.

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