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2nd Generation PDQ tt bars

We've sold hundreds of sets of the PDQPB tt cockpit but by popular demand we now introduce to you PDQ’s very latest and even faster (if that’s possible) generation 2 cockpit.

So how could the original design possibly be improved? Well, over the years we have been asked what stem is best suited to reduce air flow around the frontal area. Initially we were able to provide PDQ’s own aero stem which unfortunately failed to meet the strict quality control tests carried out by customers such as Giant Haystacks, the Jolly Green Giant and Popeye (amongst others) … so we reluctantly stopped stocking that version despite still using them ourselves without any problems whatsoever.

Since then, we haven’t been able to recommend any suitably aero stems other than those costing an arm and a leg (like the Blkteks, Tririg, Enve at £225 or so!).

We decided it was about time to review the design of the bars so that something more reasonably priced could be used.

The new bars have a slightly wider clamping area which is compatible with Profile Design’s Aeria  Ultimate stem (available at only £127 or so).  Similar types of bars available elsewhere are too narrow to accommodate these ... so check before buying ;-)

The new bars also curve slightly downwards from the clamping area which will suit shorter riders using small frames as it lowers the ‘grips’ on the base bars without having to use heavy adjustable (or downward) sloping stems.  The height of the elbow rests still being totally variable using the risers / spacers provided.

We also thought we should upgrade the design so that they use the highly popular Alpha rests and pads (which offer even more adjustability).  These have only previously been offered as an upgrade … and at an additional cost.

Everything is interchangeable with the ‘older’ design … it’s just that we’ve incorporated extra benefits.

All this at no extra cost too!

Available in Matt, Matt with logos, Gloss and Gloss with logos.



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