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PDQ Cycling’s Professionally Personalised Painting Promotion

“You don’t HAVE to pay £400 more and wait 6 to 8 weeks for delivery for something very similar, but you can if you want to”. Well we aren’t taking the Ps for no reason!

We’re taking the Ps and putting them to good use with PDQ cycling’s Professionally Personalised Painting Promotion (see what our marketing guru did there? If this doesn’t work out, his days are numbered!).

If you ARE prepared to wait 6 to 8 weeks we can provide you with a custom sprayed V8 frameset package starting at only £1699 (for one colour … the highly successful, superfast, stealthy matt black is still available at just £1599).

If you want to design your own colourway (within reason) we can do it for you. Up to FOUR colours for only £1799.

£200 cheaper than elsewhere AND your very own personalised product.

Start thinking about next season now.


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