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PDQ's TT bars have just got even better!

Using the same base bar as our 'standard' PDQPB tt bar, this set now includes 1 x 10 mm AND 3 x 20 mm risers each side.  (Additional riser kits usually cost £36 or so ... you shouldn't need them anymore!).
This set also now uses our highly popular Pukka clamps which tilt both the rests AND the extensions up at an angle of 15 degrees. (Pukka clamps usually cost £79.99 a pair.  You won't need to buy them as an upgrade anymore either).
And if you thought things couldn't get any better ... they can!  The usual extensions have now been replaced with some super dooper aerodynamic / ergonomic beauties.

'Top Trump' PDQPB tt bars

  • Stackable tri bar/pads - complete with 1 x 10 mm and 3 x 20 mm risers (each side) and pads (pads not shown in photos).

    Easy to reduce height of rests and extensions simply by removing the appropriate number of risers. You WILL need shorter bolts though as they are NOT included in this package.

    Includes 'Pukka' clamps which tilt both the rests AND the extensions upwards at an angle of 15 degree.

    Standard 31.8mm stem clamping section.

    Length adjustable aero shaped extensions.

    Width/reach adjustable arm rest pads.

    UCI Legal 3:1 aspect.

    42cm c/c base bar.

    Slight drop on base bar.

    Internal cable routing.

    Di2 compatible.

    Clamping area - very slightly splayed - 42 mm wide at the front and 46 mm at the rear. Will NOT fit Oval Concepts 760 (for example).

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