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It is now ten years since we sold our first set of PDQPB tt bars. We’ve sold LOTS ... and … they still continue to be very popular.

However, things move on and, much as we’d like to put our feet up and reap the rewards of those ten years of hard grafting, we still feel we’ve got somethingto offer the discerning cycling public ... so welcome to our latest, newest, fastest set of tt / triathlon bars. 

They are VERY nice!

You can now go (virtually) as high and narrow as you want. With all the spacers provided, you can get the extensions 15 cm +/- a tad c/c above the base bar. Of course you don’t HAVE to go that high. Just remove one (or more) of the 20 mm spacers and Robert is your proverbial Uncle.

The integrated stem is adjustable in length. There is a quite ingenious method of sliding the base bar forwards or backwards to give an effective stem length of anywhere between 85 and 100 mm.

Supplied with 15 degree angled clamps.

High(er) sided rests than our original bars … keeps your elbows firmly together.

Extra long 420 mm extensions. You can trim them down if you like but we often get asked if we can supply long extensions … so here you are!

Fits any standard 1 1/8” fork column. 

Detachable computer mount included.

We think these compare VERY favourably with the likes of TriRig, Aerocoach, Wattshop, etc … but £00s less expensive.  So be like the rest at a fraction of the cost. You too can be a 'tt tart' or even a 'PDQ Prima Donna'.

Available only in matt black  

PDQ Prima Donna tt / triathlon bars

  • Total weight of bar / stem combo as shown in photo above, complete with 3 x 20 mm risers: 1280 gms

    Width of base bar: 42 cm c/c

    Riser height: 3 x 20 mm risers and bolts included for central column

    Stem length: adjustable from 85 – 100 mm

    Stem angle: 0 degree

    Cabled or Di2 compatible

    Extension angle/ length: 51 degrees / 420mm overall.

    Fits 1 1/8” (28.6mm) fork column

    Materials: Toray carbon base bar, stem top plate, rests and extensions

    Logo'd up ... if you like

    Full 12 month warranty against faulty workmanship

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