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  • For more than six years we have been using and testing equipment we are prepared to brand as PDQ. 


    Close liaison with our suppliers has enabled us to provide top quality products at affordable prices.

    Along the way, we have been pushing our suppliers to provide lighter products … without, in any way, compromising the strength and reliability of the individual components.

    One particular item we were keen to see ‘evolve’ was the PDQ PB disc wheel which have proven to be extremely reliable due to the very high quality of the materials used and the processes carried out during their construction.

    We have, however, always been aware of the fact that the PDQ PB disc is only as light as the ‘big’ disc names eg FFWD, ProLite, Selcoff, Hed etc weighing in at about 1200 gms or so.  The objective has always been to get this under the 1000 gm barrier.

    At last we have managed to achieve this!

    Say hello to the NEW PDQ Helium disc wheel.

    Stock is now available for IMMEDIATE dispatch. All wheels have been digitally weighed and ALL are guaranteed to be under 999 gms. These will be sold on a ‘lightest first’ basis so the sooner you order, the lighter your disc will be.  If you would like to know the lightest currently in stock, just drop us an email on

    Full T800 carbon construction in a UD matt black finish. 

    With or without logos  … just let us know when ordering.

    Complete with q/r skewer, valve extender and carbon specific brake pads.

    Available in tubular version only.

    Both Shimano /SRAM and Campagnolo versions in stock.

PDQ Helium Disc Wheel


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