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Welcome to Roger Dodger

Roger lives in the metropolis of nightlife (and all that is good in the World of superfast Carbon cycle components) that is the village of Waresley.

He has been confined to quarters since the outbreak of the Corona Virus (haven’t we all?), and during that time has been tasked with trying to wring the last buck out of all the furloughed / skint cyclists in the country that haven’t the faintest idea when they’ll next be able to cock their leg over a bike in competition.

Roger’s Mrs is getting fed up of tripping over carbon goodies as she hoovers around the lock-up trying to keep busy and occupy herself in these times of lock-down. She wants rid!

Roger likes to deal in cash 😉 Or … if not cash … then some other means of payment that doesn’t involve having to pay Paypal or Banks their 5% (or so) fees.

So Roger’s been told to offer customers a 5% discount on ANY items advertised on PDQ’s site IF customers are prepared to pay by Bank Transfer.

He also reckons he can increase that discount to 10% on ANY orders over £1000.

Would YOU trust Roger?

If so, drop an email saying Roger sent you. Let us know what you want and we can ship as soon as payment has been received.


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